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In this demo/lab we demonstrate how HDP sandbox + HDF can be used to build a single view of a product or customer

High level steps:

  • 1. Start HDP 2.3 sandbox and complete pre-req steps
  • 2. Sqoop - import CRM/ERP data from DB/EDW into Hive
  • 3. Nifi/Flume - Import simulated web traffic logs into Hive
  • 4. Nifi/Storm - import related tweets into Hive
  • 5. Analyze tables to populate statistics
  • 6. Use Zeppelin/Hive view to correlate the data from multiple data sources

The materials is available in 2 flavors:

  • Zeppelin notebook demo
  • Hands on Lab/Workshop
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Github account name abajwa-hw
Repo name single-view-demo