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This Chef cookbook is tested with Ubuntu 12.04 and SmartSense 1.2.2. If there's interest to have support on other platforms, please ping me at @Artem Ervits or aervits at hortonworks dot com. Currently one can deploy HST server, agent and gateway.

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Great work @Artem Ervits! Can you also add getting a single Gateway installed and pre-configuring it?


@Paul Codding done, I have a few questions though, aside from checking the gateway log, how can I test it works, the log does say gateway started? I didn't commit username and password for sftp, is that public info? Just change attributes/default.rb to proper credentials. Let me know of any other ideas.

Excellent! - the Gateway will fail to start if the credentials are invalid or if there is a configuration issue, so I would test that the Gateway starts with a nonzero exit code. The SFTP details are not public and are only for Hortonworks Support customers, so we'll stick with how you've parameterized them.


@Paul Codding ok done, test will fail unless gateway is deployed, maybe it should be refactored into its own cookbook? I also added a test to check whether gateway is listening on port 9451 and hst is listening on 9000.

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