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An Ambari Service to deploy/monitor Solr platform for search on HDP - Lucidworks is working on getting this added to official HDP 2.3..

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Interesting that oficial lucidworks repo ( still uses Ali's @Ali Bajwa URL in git clone command.

They took my demo version and added more features (like ssl and validation etc) for the official version. But their version was designed to be part of Ambari (which is part of the reason it was delayed), so not sure if it will work by cloning the git.. the same way the demo one works.


Iwant to thank you because your Solr stack implementation is great! We installed Solr without any issue on HDP with Ambari. Do you plan to support also Kerberos in the next release?

@Andrea D'Orio

Do you mean kerberizing Solr (Solr Kerberos + Spnego authentication) or installing Solr in a kerberized environment (and running it unkerberized)?


@Jonas Straub Installing Solr in a kerberized environment...

Thaks Andrea. The service will actually currently let you install Solr and work in kerborized cluster (have tested this) - but doesn't yet support kerborizing Solr itself or storing indexes in kerborized HDFS

@Ali Bajwa - Is this officially supported?

Expert Contributor

Hi @Ali Bajwa,

I installed solr from ambari but, befor startup of solr process, ambari mark it as installed and not started.

Meanwhile solr run correctly.

I attached logs of Ambari-server

[qtp-ambari-agent-3125] HeartBeatHandler:683 - State of service component SOLR_MASTER of service SOLR of cluster localhdp has changed from STARTED to INSTALLED at host slave01.localhdp

My stack is:



CentOS 7.2.1511

java 1.8.0_60

Do you have any idea why?

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