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Tools for building Storm topologies for indexing data into SolrCloud.

  • Send objects from a Storm topology into Solr.
  • Support for SolrCloud.
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Repo name storm-solr
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Apache Storm has builtin a Solr connector that allows for indexing of JSON serialized objects and arbitrary POJOs using the SolrJsonMapper, as well as any arbitrary fields using the SolrFieldsMapper.

Please refer to the documentation for details and on how to run the examples provided:

New Contributor

The Storm Solr connector works with the SolrCloud off shelf. The example provided uses the SolrCloud.

@hlouro do you have a bold example that runs with solr cloud?

New Contributor

There is a a bolt in the test topology that can be found in


@hlouro Is it supported? I couldn't find storm-solr in any hortonworks repo. I built if from storm source, but I had dependency conflict issues to make it work in a topology that uses storm-jdbc+phoenix and storm-hive.

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