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Visualize your HDFS cluster usage

HDFS-DU is an interactive visualization of the Hadoop distributed file system. The project aims to monitor different snapshots for the entire HDFS system in an interactive way, showing the size of the folders, the rate at which the size increases / decreases, and to highlight inefficient file storage.

HDFS-DU provides the following in a web UI:

  • A tree-map visualization where each node is a folder in HDFS. The area of each node can be relative to the size or number of descendants.
  • A file-tree visualization showing the topology of the file system.

HDFS-DU is built using the following front-end technologies:

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This project is actually broken, spent quite a bit of effort trying to get it to work a year ago. It's a shame because it would be great. Looks like it was built during a hackathon then abandoned.