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Repo Description

This Demo is built for Hortonworks HDP 2.3 Sandbox.

This is based on the Hortonworks Twitter Demo

Purpose: Monitor Twitter stream for the procided Hastags & act on unexpected increases in tweet volume

  • Ingest: Listen for Twitter streams related to Hashtags input in NiFi Garden Hose (GetHTTP) processor
  • Processing:
    • Monitor tweets for unexpected volume
    • Volume thresholds managed in HBASE
  • Persistence:
    • HDFS (for future batch processing)
    • Hive (for interactive query)
    • HBase (for realtime alerts)
    • Solr/Banana (for search and reports/dashboards)
  • Refine:
    • Update threshold values based on historical analysis of tweet volumes
  • Demo setup:
    • Either download and start prebuilt VM
    • Start HDP 2.3 sandbox and run provided scripts to setup demo
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Repo name hdp_nifi_twitter_demo
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