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This Angular application enables you to:

  • Visualize your current Hadoop Cluster by exporting its current node and service allocation with the included Python Exporter.
  • Build and Plan a cluster by using drag-n-drop
  • Instantly generate an Ambari Blueprint.

The times where you have to use pen & paper to plan your cluster or adjust the JSON-Blueprint are over 🙂

Read more in this article & this follow-up article about Build a Cluster & Blueprints

Cluster Overview:


Build New Cluster:


Check out the App here

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Repo name ambari-node-view

Hi @Jonas Straub, your tool is excellent and it served my needs. But i have a strange requirement. One of out prod cluster is customized in such a way that the service account are not the default ones. For example hdfs runs under the service account hadmin and yarn under dadmin. is there a way i can configure this in blueprint while creating a cluster or using your tool, can i do that.