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Repo Description
  • Consume messages on specific partitions between specific offsets.
  • Display topic information (e.g., with partition offset and leader info)
  • Modify consumer group offsets (e.g., resetting or manually setting offsets per topic and per partition)
  • JSON output for easy consumption with tools like kp or jq.
  • JSON input to facilitate automation via tools like jsonify.
  • Configure brokers and topic via environment variables for a shell session
  • Fast start up time.
  • No buffering of output.
  • Binary keys and payloads can be passed and presented in base64 or hex encoding

kt topic -filter news -partitions

echo 'Alice wins Oscar' | kt produce -topic actor-news -literal

Repo Info
Github Repo URL
Github account name fgeller
Repo name kt
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‎02-01-2017 09:47 PM
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