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I am unable to find a table in Impala when running:

show tables

but it appears when running the same command in Hive. My other tables from Hive appear as expected. How do I find it? 


The Impala metadata may be out of date on the specific Impalad that the client is connecting to, so a recently created table will not show up. You will need to run the "invalidate metadata" command to cause that specific Impalad instance to fetch the updated metadata from the Hive MetaStore.


From the impala-shell, run the "invalidate metadata" command, followed by "show tables" again and verify that the expected table now appears in the output from the "show tables" command.


impala-shell -i <impalad-node>

[<impalad-node>:21000] > invalidate metadata

Successfully refreshed catalog

[<impalad-node>:21000] > show tables


This fetches the up to date table metadata from the Hive MetaStore for Impala to find the latest tables.

This "invalidate metadata" needs to be done only on the Impalad node that your client connects to / submits it's query to. 

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try to do this on each table that you have:

 invalidate metadata TABLE_NAME


 invalidate metadata

doesn't work as expected..





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@AlinaGHERMAN thanks so much for the feedback.  Can you clarify what sometimes happens when "invalidate metadata" doesn't work as expected?  We would like to update the article with your response, if that's ok.

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For now, I'm not sure when the 

 invalidate metadata

is not really refreshing the tables. But I will try to analyse all this and make a more precise answer.



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