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By default the Cloudera Manager Web UI listens on port 7180.


If our environment or company policy requires Cloudera Manager to use a different port, how can I change it?





Preferred Method:


Modify the Cloudera Manager HTTP Port


  1. Have an admin log into CM
  2. Edit the "HTTP Port for Admin Console" property under Administration->Settings->Ports and Addresses to a port that's not restricted.



Alternate Method:


Create an SSH Tunnel to Cloudera Manager


  1. ssh into the host running Cloudera Manager, as any user, and set up an SSH tunnel.
  2. For example, if your Cloudera Manager runs on Then you run ssh on your local machine as:
  $ ssh -L 9999:localhost:7180

  3.  Once you are logged on, visit http://locahost:9999/ on your local browser and it will pipe traffic to/from


Note: While the change can also be completed via direct database manipulation it is error-prone and tedious, therefore it is not a recommended method. 

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