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[ANNOUNCE] Cloudera Enterprise 5.10.2 Released

Dear CDH, Cloudera Manager, and Cloudera Navigator users,


We are pleased to announce the release of Cloudera Enterprise 5.10.2 (CDH 5.10.2, Cloudera Manager 5.10.2, and Cloudera Navigator 2.9.2).


This release fixes key bugs and includes the following:


  • CDH fixes for the following issues:
    • HADOOP-12751 - While using kerberos Hadoop incorrectly assumes names with '@' to be non-simple
    • HBASE-16630 - Fragmentation in long running Bucket Cache
    • HIVE-12768 - Thread safety: binary sortable serde decimal deserialization
    • HIVE-14564 - Column Pruning generates out of order columns in SelectOperator which cause ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
    • IMPALA-4725 - Query option to control Parquet array resolution
    • IMPALA-4546 - Fix Moscow timezone conversion after 2014
    • IMPALA-4822 - Implement dynamic log level changes
    • IMPALA-5487 - Race in can lead to corrupt profiles being generated while query is running

For a full list of upstream JIRAs fixed in CDH 5.10.2, see the issues fixed section of the Release Notes.


  • Cloudera Manager fixes for the following issues:
    • The cloudera-server-db fast_stop fails on Debian-based systems: Fixed an issue where the cloudera-server-db fast_stop command fails on non-sytemd Debian systems like Debian 7 with a command not found error
    • HBase configuration is supplied for Hive when HBase service is not selected: Fixed an issue where Cloudera Manager provided configuration for the hive-site.xml file even if the HBase Service setting in Hive is not selected, which could cause unnecessary errors when Hive-on-Spark attempts to connect to HBase. Cloudera Manager now correctly emits the HBase-related configuration in the hive-site.xml only when Hive is dependent on HBase

For a full list of issues fixed in Cloudera Manager 5.10.2, see the issues fixed section of the Release Notes.


  • Cloudera Navigator fixes the following issues:
    • Bulk extraction triggered can result in orphaned relations: In some cases, HDFS bulk extraction was being triggered due to an error in incremental extraction. Specifically, Cloudera Navigator was resetting the long identity of HDFS elements resulting in orphaned relations.

For a full list of issues fixed in Cloudera Navigator 2.9.2, see the issues fixed section of the Release Notes.


We look forward to you trying it, using the information below:


As always, we are happy to hear your feedback. Please send your comments and suggestions to the user group or through our community forums. You can also file bugs through our external JIRA projects on