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Announcing: Search Beta 0.9.3

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Hello CDH, Search, and Cloudera Manager Users,


We are pleased to announce the release of Cloudera Search Beta version 0.9.3. This is the fourth drop of the Cloudera Search public Beta.


This version has bug fixes and adds the following features:

  • Support for Kerberos authentication. Search continues to use simple authentication with the anonymous user as the default configuration, but Search now supports changing the authentication scheme to Kerberos. All required packages are installed during the installation or upgrade process. Additional configuration is required before Kerberos is available in your environment.

  • Extended the morphlines library:
    • Added commands xquery, xslt, convertHTML for reading, extracting and transforming XML and HTML with XPath, XQuery and XSLT.
    • Added tokenizeText command that uses the embedded Solr/Lucene Analyzer library to generate tokens from a text string, without sending data to a Solr server.
    • Added translate command that examines each value in a given field and replaces it with the replacement value defined in a given dictionary, meaning a lookup hash table.
    • Changed the default to disable quoting and multi-line fields feature and comment line feature for the readCSV morphline command.
  • Morphline integration with the Lily HBase indexer.

Getting started with Cloudera Search:

  • Make sure you have CDH4.3 installed. Cloudera Search is only supported in CDH4.3 and above. To download CDH4.3, go to the Downloads page.
  • For simplicity, we recommend using Cloudera Manager 4.6 to install and deploy Cloudera Search. You can find links to the documentation, download, and more information on the Downloads page.

Providing Feedback - Once you get started, we encourage you to provide feedback:

Getting More Information:

Kind regards,
The Cloudera Team