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HCC Members: Accessing the Cloudera Community after migration

Community Manager

In the Community Merge announcement, we shared exciting news that the Cloudera Community and Hortonworks Community Connection (HCC) will unite our content and members under one roof.

The purpose of this article is to show you how to activate your HCC account in the new Cloudera Community.

Activating your Migrated HCC Community Account

After the migration, currently scheduled on August 17th, you will need to follow these key steps to activate your HCC account in the new community. 



Simply click the "Sign In" button and log in using your Cloudera OKTA account credentials. 

Screen Shot 2019-08-19 at 3.02.59 PM.png

Other Members

  1. Navigate to the new Cloudera Community.
    1. Visiting HCC or your bookmarked HCC page after the migration is complete will redirect you to the corresponding page in the Cloudera Community.
    2. You can always choose to open The Cloudera Community's Sign In page directly.
  2. Click on the “Activate your account here” link to activate your account or “Sign in” with an existing HCC email address. 
    1. Screen Shot 2019-08-19 at 3.05.29 PM.png
  3. Follow the account activation prompts.
    1. During the account activation process, you will be prompted to check your email for an activation link.
    2. Look for an email from <> that contains the activation link and click the “Activate My Account” button or copy and paste the activation link to your browser.
      Welcome message.jpg
  4. Verify/update your profile details (username, first name, and last name) and click submit. Note: If your HCC username is already in use in the Cloudera Community, you will be defaulted to a slightly different username, which you can update as desired, to avoid duplication of accounts in the combined community. 
    Profile verification.jpg
  5. Once complete, you now have access to all your migrated and pre-existing HCC content.

Managing Your Account

Here’s a quick introduction to what’s changing and what’s staying the same in the new community to help you make the most out of your account:

How can I ensure my account and content migrates correctly?

Be sure to log in or activate your account using the email account you registered with on Hortonworks Community Connection (HCC).

Why can't I keep my HCC username?

If upon account activation you notice you cannot use the username you had in HCC it’s because that username is already in use on the Cloudera Community. But no worries! You will have the option to set a new user name for yourself in the activation process. When you complete the activation you will be connected to your migrated profile and content.

What if I want to change my username?

If you'd like to change your display name on the community, please email us or send a PM to @cjervis. Note: there is a 15 character limit on usernames.

What will not migrate to the new community?

Your content and profile will be migrated to the new community. If you followed content or other HCC members you will need to reset those options. In the new Cloudera Community expand your network by using the "Add as Friend" feature and "Subscribe" to content you want to follow. We will have help documentation available for these options.

HCC preferences will not migrate to the Cloudera Community. Take time to reset your preferences and explore new features. To reset your preferences click my Profile → My Settings → Subscriptions & Notifications. You’ll receive an immediate email notification for your content subscriptions by default. You can change the frequency to: never, daily, or weekly.

Also be sure to check the What's Changing for the Cloudera Community post for more details

What will be moved to the new community?

Existing HCC content and user profiles will move to the new community. Please verify that your messages, repos, and articles transferred over successfully, and be sure to reset your “followers” subscriptions as your existing list will not transfer.

What will change in the new community?

The new Cloudera Community will include a modern layout with an easy to use interface. For full details and information on what’s changing check out the What's Changing for the Cloudera Community post.

Need Help? Contact our Community Team for any questions or issues or post a comment below.

The new Cloudera Community is almost here! Stay tuned for additional updates and we appreciate your support and cooperation.

—The HCC and Cloudera Community Team


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thanks for this information, it is quite helpful!


New Contributor

thanks for the information


I am unable to see "Activate your Account here" option! 


Where can I find this option?


Any update on this... I never been a part of HCC but why still I am restricted to Couldra community?



Community Manager

@dinesh1393 , Thanks for your query.  You are already participating in our community. That means you are already a registered and active user. Can you please provide us more details on your issue? 


@VidyaSargur, my account has been restricted with the below error. I dont know why am getting this error since I never been a part of HCC. Could you please assist me on this to get it resolved.





Community Manager

@dinesh1393 , I see your confusion This message is not an error. It is a general system-generated alert (that is available for all users). We have this alert for new users who are coming from HCC. Since you are a registered user from the Cloudera side, you may ignore this alert. 





@VidyaSargur, Yeah I have registered from Cloudera side only, but am restricted to post any queries on this community as it seems like a stopper message.

Community Manager

@dinesh1393 , I am sending you a private message to discuss this.





How to post query

Community Manager

@renuu , You can use the Contribute > Ask a question option available in the header to post a query or  use the Start a topic option from the Support Questions page to start a new post: 



Hope this helps. 









@VidyaSargur  thanks vidya

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