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Community Reputation Part 4: Leaderboards

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The new reputation system is live, and we’ve moved all legacy Hortonworks Community Connection (HCC) badges over to the new Cloudera Community! The reputation system is our way of rewarding members for continually supporting the three pillars of our community by:

  • being inquisitive (asking questions)
  • being generous (answering questions and sharing expertise)
  • being grateful (marking answers as solutions, giving kudos for content).  

As we mentioned in "Community Reputation: What You Need to Know" the Community reputation is comprised of several parts: community ranks, badges, and leaderboards. In this blog post we will focus on Community Leaderboards. 


Your contributions and support are what make this community vibrant and insightful. So we want to make sure we recognize and reward your participation! 

Leaderboards promote a little friendly competition and highlight community members who are providing the most valued solutions and quality content. Instead of a single leaderboard, we now have four. Our multiple leaderboards recognize:

When you first go to the individual leaderboards, they are sorted by the last 30 days of contributions. You can change the time range to the last day, last week, or even "All Time". And they are contextual, so if you're looking at top kudos on the Community Articles board, it will only show kudos in that section and not the entire community.

If you’re already a community member, the leaderboards will look familiar. If you’re coming over from Hortonworks Community Connection (HCC), these leaderboards will be new to you. You can always find the community-wide leaderboards by bookmarking the links above or by going to About the Community > Leaderboard & Badges.

Got questions? Reach out to our Community Team or comment below.

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