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Accessing Cloudera Navigator Audit data directly at its source

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Is there a way to access the Audit event log data that is provided through Cloudera Navigator directly, instead of the Navigator audit reporting tool? I am looking to access this data directly at the source to provide more customization around reporting and querying on this data. 


Is there a specific database within MySQL that I should be referencing, or is this data already being stored in HDFS? If it only resides in a MySQL database, I would prefer to set up processes to move that data to HDFS.




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Re: Accessing Cloudera Navigator Audit data directly at its source

Hello Jwood,


The audit sources for the Navigator audit data is as follows:


OS File System:


Each service has audit data in the OS file system, under the following path:




For example, the HDFS audit data would be located in the following path:




From there you would view the "hdfs-audit.log" file.





The audit data is propagated from the aforementioned audit files to Navigator Audit Server's underlying database.


The data is located in the following tables:




For example, the can find the HBASE, HDFS, and HUE audit data in the following tables:



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