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Apache Nifi - Cloudera Alternative?



It's rather a naive question...I'm searching for the Apache NIFI Cloudera Alternative. Is it Cloudera Navigator?





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umeRe: Apache Nifi - Cloudera Alternative?

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Apache Nifi is more of data routing and transformation tool  outside the Hadoop cluster ,it has its own JVM but needs hadoop configuration if you are trying to push data to hdfs. It has many built processor that comes handy for pushing data quickly , nifi community is little big

Streamsets is similar , you can deploy inside hadoop cluster and manage using Cloduera manager

Apache kafak is again a streaming platform more of real time data just NIFI but if you want to do any aggregation on the fly

Apache flume - Flume is also disturbing platform has concept of source - channel - sink . we mostly use to push logs to hdfs ,hbase has many built-in source ,sink and you can create custom one just like nifi processor


if you looking for alternative for Apache Nifi you can use Apache flume, Apache kafaka , streamsets.

Each one has its own use case though.


Cloudera Navigator  - Is used for Data management and security under one hood for hadoop platform

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Re: Apache Nifi - Cloudera Alternative?

Since the question was asked, the situation has changed. As soon as Hortonworks and Cloudera merged, NiFi became supported by Cloudera.


Shortly after the integrations with CDH were also completed, so that NiFi is now a fully supported and integrated component.


Hence the question already contains the answer: NiFi is the Cloudera answer for solving these usecases.

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