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Blank screen when opening the Cloudera Navigator Server URL (https://{management_node}:7187/login



Wondering if someone could provide advice....


We have CDH 5.9.0 installed and being managed by CM, with a myriad of services configured, installed and running (including Zookeeper, HDFS, YARN, Hue, Hive, HS2, Impala, Sqoop2, HBase, Oozie, Sentry, Solr/Search, Spark and Cloudera Navigator).


When I open a Microsoft IE 11 web browser, point it at the CM URL (port 7180) and navigate to:


Cloudera Management Service -> Navigator Metadata Server -> Cloudera Navigator (from the top menu choice)


and try and open the Cloudera Navigator Server URL (https://{management_node}:7187/login) in a new IE browser tab, I receive a blank screen.


I have read the following Community Support posts:



And have enable the IE 11 "Enterprise Mode" using this URL (it was originally disabled in the IE 11 broswer):



I can now see the "Enterprise Mode" option under the MS IE 11 "Tools" menubar, but I still cannot see any content on the Cloudera Navigator page.


I have executed "tree -a" and "ps -afe" command as follows to show the process tree strcture for Navigator:


[root@{obfuscated_management_node_name}]#  tree -a/var/run/cloudera-scm-agent/process/1297-cloudera-mgmt-NAVIGATOR



├── clouderaManagerVersion.txt






├── event-filter-rules.json


├── logs

│   ├── stderr.log

│   └── stdout.log


├── navigator.jaas.conf

├── navigator.keytab


└── supervisor.conf


1 directory, 15 files


[root@{obfuscated_management_node_name}]#  ps -afe | grep 1297

clouder+ 10696 7187 0 Feb01 ? 00:06:58 /usr/java/jdk1.7.0_71/bin/java -server -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC -XX:+UseParNewGC -Dmgmt.log.file=mgmt-cmf-mgmt-NAVIGATOR-{obfuscated_fqdn_of_management_node}.log.out -Djava.awt.headless=true -Dnavigator.schema.dir=/usr/share/cmf/cloudera-navigator-audit-server/schema -Dnavigator.auditModels.dir=/usr/share/cmf/cloudera-navigator-audit-server/auditModels -Xms1073741824 -Xmx1073741824 -XX:+HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryError -XX:HeapDumpPath=/tmp/mgmt_mgmt-NAVIGATOR-5a18597f006f273bd64dc317f86b2618_pid10696.hprof -XX:OnOutOfMemoryError=/usr/lib64/cmf/service/common/ -cp /run/cloudera-scm-agent/process 1297-cloudera-mgmt-NAVIGATOR:/usr/share/java/mysql-connector-java.jar:/usr/share/cmf/lib/postgresql-9.0-801.jdbc4.jar:/usr/share/java/oracle-connector-java.jar:/usr/share/cmf/lib/plugins/event-publish-5.9.0-shaded.jar:/usr/share/cmf/lib/plugins/tt-instrumentation-5.9.0.jar:/usr/share/cmf/cloudera-navigator-audit-server/*: com.cloudera.navigator.NavigatorMain --conf-dir /run/cloudera-scm-agent/process/1297-cloudera-mgmt-NAVIGATOR



I have also confirmed port 7187 is open and listening:


[root@{obfuscated_management_node_name}#  netstat -lntup | grep LIST | grep 7187

     tcp 0 0* LISTEN 15276/java
     tcp 0 0* LISTEN 7187/python




Please help if you are out there Obi Wan Kenobi !






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Re: Blank screen when opening the Cloudera Navigator Server URL (https://{management_node}:7187/logi

We have resolved this issue.  Turns out it was a compatibility issue in our wonderfull Internet Explorer browser.

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