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Cloudera Manager - DB Replication between Prod and Disaster Recovery for Lineage and Metadata backup

The scenario is that we have 2 environments 

1. Production

2. Disaster Recovery(DR) / Proposed Research area 


The data is backup between production and DR nighly and that has never been any problem. For metadata backup between Production and DR, we understand there are two options but a simple Navigatore Metadata replicate would solve the same. 


Considering DR environment is terribly under utilized, we wanted to see if we can open it up for Research purpose for handful of data scientists. Not this is where it becomes interesting. If the data scientists bring in their data into the DR/ Research area the technical metadata related to the same would naturally be in on the DR zone.



1. Has anyone tried this with their environment ?

2. Is there way to bring in lineage and metadata information from Production and still keep the metadata and lineage native to the DR/ Research zone ?

3. Are there any other ways which can efficiently do this without messing up my metadata and lineage ?



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