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Cloudera Navigator Lineage Diagram stuck at rendering


I am trying to view lineage diagrams in Cloudera Navigator, in the browser window the lineage is stuck at rendering stage. It happens with all types, no matter how old the operations are. I am able to export lineage as a JSON though.

Cloudera Navigator Metaserver is running at 16GB heap space, haven't seen any out-of-memory exceptions after increasing the heap. On Navigator web UI, HDFS has more that 15300000 entities, cluster has 30 nodes and size of around 212 TB (20% occupied). Each node has around 48 GB of RAM, NN has 128 GB RAM. 


Are there any recommendations to increase lineage responsiveness? Is there a way to disable lineage rendering?

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Re: Cloudera Navigator Lineage Diagram stuck at rendering

Hi Pradeep,
Sounds like you already examined the Navigator logs and didn't see anything suspicious, right?

Assuming that's the case, please either:
1 - provide your CM version number, Navigator version number, browser version, etc.

2 - wait a few weeks when we ship C5.7. In C5.7 we have made a lot of optimizations to lineage when you try to render particularly complex diagrams. You would simply need to upgrade to CM5.7, which will also give you the option to upgrade to Navigator 2.6. You won't need to upgrade your CDH.

Please let us know how things turn out and sorry for the trouble you've experienced.

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