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Cloudera Navigator capabilities

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Trying to get better view about Cloudera Navigator capabilities.

(a) Is there any pre requsiste to get metadata when the data was already injested into the hadoop cluster and Cloudera Navigator data management component is not yet installed. Just installing this component would get all the metadata or does it require any additional work?

(b) If Spark is the only processing engine used to process data would it possible to get lineage and details about operations using cloudera navigator (Is there a limitation that only Spark Dataframes are supported to provide metadata and lineage)
(c) if metadata is provided in textual format (technical, business metadata related to source applications) would it possible to upload the metadata into Navigator repository. Especially when bulk of the metadata is yet to be defined and as an alternate to typing through the Navigator UI. Should this be done with the help of Navigator SDK ?

Thanks in advance

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