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Cloudera Navigator support for Google Cloud Storage



I have been evaluating the usage of services provided by Cloudera Navigator for our Hadoop cluster on Google Cloud Compute. I am finding that features like automatic schema extraction, lineage, ability to add meta-data, and auditing are really useful features for us (in our prototype implementation).


However, we are also considering storing our data primarily on the Google Cloud Storage (buckets). I am wondering if Cloudera Navigator can be of any help when the data is not stored on HDFS (that is managed by Cloudera Manager).


If this Google Cloud Storage scenario is not supported, that might be a deal-breaker for us.


If it is supported, then I would need to know how to test it out quickly. Does Cloudera Director (UI) allow creating a Hadoop cluster on Google Compute where the VMs can use an existing storage bucket ?






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Re: Cloudera Navigator support for Google Cloud Storage

Hi Rohan,

We have plans to support cloud-based block storage for metadata discovery in C6, early next year. For now we will support metadata in block storage only in long running clusters through HDFS.

So please stay tuned; this is definitely in our roadmap.

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Re: Cloudera Navigator support for Google Cloud Storage


I want to know if Cloudera Navigator in its latest updates already supports Google Cloud Storage for the storage of data.

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