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Control Flows for sources other than Hive\Impala

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I can see control flow in lineage diagrams for Hive and Impala operations.

Are there any other sources which can provide the same? 

Is it possible to see control flows for jobs executed by Spark or Yarn?

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Re: Control Flows for sources other than Hive\Impala

Hello Nukala,


When configured correctly, lineage diagrams for Spark and Yarn should be visible under Navigator's Search Tab -> Source Type -> Spark -> (Select Yarn application number) -> (Select Lineage Tab).


If you do not see the Spark Source Type, then check to see if Spark is configured to allow Navigator auditing by doing the following:


1. Go to Cloudera UI.


2. Select Spark Service -> Configuration -> Cloudera Navigator.


3. For the "Enable Lineage Collection" property, select the checkbox to enable the property.

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