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How to add custom property as hyperlink

Hello everyone,


I want to add custom metadat properties as hyperlink.

So that user can click on it from navigator UI and it will redirect user to perticular URL without expossing the actual URL.


I am using java client to write the custom metadata.
Is there any way to add URL hyperlink in custom metadata, such that it will appear as hyperlink on navigator UI.


Kindly suggest.

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Re: How to add custom property as hyperlink

No, this is not possible at the moment. It is possible to add HTML (be it a link or something else) as the value of a Custom Metadata Key-Value-pair, but for security reasons that value will be rendered as text and not as HTML in the UI. 


When you say that you don't want to expose the actual URL, do you mean that you want to give the link a text other than the url, like the option you have with normal HTML anchor tags e.g. link text?

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