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cloudera navigator multi-tenancy capability



In short, can cloudera navigator be configured for a multi-tenancy context ?


In detail, we have a datalake (Hadoop cluster) with many business entities, and we want that each business entity manage and access only to it own data. I didn't find any information on the net, and the ui seems to not provide such option.


thanks in advance

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Re: cloudera navigator multi-tenancy capability

Hi MehdiTAZI,


The Navigator component manages data lineage. The product which would best allow you to segment user control similar to the Access Control Lists you may be more familiar with is the Sentry component, which supports integration into Navigator.


This would allow you to leverage Sentry for controlling the user groups/permissions while still using Navigator to provide and preserve data lineage. You didn't mention which version of Cloudera Manager or CDH that you are using; however, here is a link to our latest Support Documentation which provides an overview on Sentry:


Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about Sentry or any information provided in the above reference documentation.




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Re: cloudera navigator multi-tenancy capability

I'm using CDH 5.10.x with Cloudera manager 5.10.


the current problem is not linked to data access, but more to log access ( who can view the logs ).


the current version doesn't support such feature, after talking with cloudera profesional, this feature is on the pipe, hence will be implemented in the future.



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Re: cloudera navigator multi-tenancy capability



Were you able to figure out a work around for providing navigator access on multitenant hadoop cluster?



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