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AWS health check for Flume shiva.sources.dobie_ExtSource.port

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My company deploys Cloudera clusters in AWS using Cloudera Director.  Our deployment methodolgy includes the creation of application load balancers (ALB's) which manage traffic to the following Flume ports listening on our 3 master nodes:





We have a simple health check configured for root path (i.e. masternode:port/) which expects a 200 response.  The ExtSource.port supports this, however the IntSource.port does not.  We get a 500 return code. 


Is there a specific path on IntSource.port which would support a http health check?  One thought would be to use TCP load balancers instead, but I'd prefer to avoid switching out our existing application load balancers if possible.


If this question would be more appropriate in another location/subject, please let me know.