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CDH 5.4.4 Scoop 2 Job starting but never runs

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I'm having trouble starting any Sqoop2 Jobs fron Hue on CDH 5.4.4.


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Using Hue in Cloudera 5.4.4, when trying to run a Sqoop 2 Job it says the (i) The job is starting... but it never actually runs the job. I see nothing in the Job Browser and nothing in the job's SUBMISSIONS list. I also do not see any errors in the logs. This is on a stock Cloudera 5.4.4 (QuickStart VM) which I'm assuming has all of the components pre-configured correctly. Unfortunately this is all I have to go on is the lack of error messages & helpful reporting.

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Re: CDH 5.4.4 Scoop 2 Job starting but never runs

Could you post your job description, and also share the Sqoop2 server log?

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