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Data ingestion using kafka from crawlers

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I am trying to work with kafka for data ingestion but being new to this, i kind of pretty much confused.


I have multiple  crawlers, who extract data for me from web platforms, now the issue is i want to ingest that extracted data to hadoop using kafka without any middle scripts/service file . Main commplication is that, platforms are disparate in nature and one web platform is providing real-time data other batch based. Can integrate my crawlers some how with kafka producers ? and they keep running all by themselves. is it possible ? I think it is but i am not getting in right direction. any help would be appreciated.




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Re: Data ingestion using kafka from crawlers



Loading data directly to Kafka without any Service seems unlikely.


However, you can use execute a simple kafka console producer to send all your data to the kafka service. But if your requirement is to save data to HDFS you need to include a few more services along with Kafka. 


For example, Crawlers >> kafka console producer  (or) Spark Streaming >> Flume >> HDFS


As your requirement is to store the data in HDFS and not stream the data. I suggest you execute a Spark job, it will store your data to HDFS. Refer mentioned commands to execute a spark job to move data to HDFS.


Initiate a spark-shell


Execute the mentioned command in the Spark shell in the same order.


val moveFile = sc.textFile("file:///path/to/Sample.log")




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