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Error while Importing data in Sqoop 2 (Hue 3.6) using custom SQL

In Hue 3.6 I'm trying to use Sqoop 2 import feature for a custom SQL query from an Oracle database.

I'm pasting the SQL query in the field "Table SQL statement" for example: "SELECT x,y,z FROM myschema.mytable where a > 100"

I'm getting the following error in the screen "SQL statement must contain placeholder for auto generated conditions - ${CONDITIONS}"


1. Please help me to understand how to use ${CONDITIONS} in Sqoop 2  when running the Hue UI?
2. Is there any demo, documentation available on using Sqoop 2 from Hue with some advanced features like using custom SQL etc.?


I'm using Cloudera Sandbox that is using Hue 3.6.

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