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Flume Interceptor + Avro Event Serializer + HDFS + Multiple JSON Messages

Hello Cloudera Community!


I'm new to Big Data and seeking assistance.  


I'm developing a Flume job to write Avro files to HDFS. 

The source into Flume is a JSON string from Kafka, I use an Interceptor to convert/encode to an Avro object, then I use the AvroEventSerializer, with a custom schema (schemaURL), to serialize and write to HDFS.


This works great, however, I'm running into a slight issue.


When I try to pass multiple JSON messages in my event body, this is not being serialized properly, and I'm unable to deserialize once on HDFS. (avro-tools tojson ....).


Does anyone have experience writing multiple JSON messages, in the same Flume event for serialization?


Ex. JSON ={'name':'Herbert', 'address':'123 fake st.'}

                   {'name':'Monika':'address':123 not fake street'}


I'd appreciate any input/experience you'd like to share.