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Hive Alter Add column

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I was trying out hive alter by adding new columns to existing table. 


I have set up a hive external table on top of HDFS ( CSV serde).. and later added a column .    when run a query , im getting nulls on a new column.. this is as expected.  however, i have ingested data(includes newly added column) now into HDFS  and when i run query again.. im still getting nulls on new column.  


can you pls help me why this is occurring ? do i need to run any commands ( analyze stats etc to get a values for newly added column)?


Also, when i drop and recreate external table ..its working as expected .    


appreciate your help.



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Re: Hive Alter Add column



If there is any changes in the Hive metadata. Please try to run msck repair table <tablename> to get it in sync


Reference Link: