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Is Cloudera Kafka (CDK) free?


We are interested in using CDK instead of the base Apache version for its additional operation features.  However, I cannot find any info about its pricing and licensing terms - required by my corporate legal.  Nothing on CDK documentation.  The main Cloudera product and download pages seem to have been redesigned, and do not even provide links to the individual component distros like Spark 2 and Kafka.  Pricing is also changed to base on high-level "solutions" instead of individual software products.


Since CDK is essentially CM+ZooKeeper+Kafka in a parcel, would it be licensed on the same basis as base CDH?  I believe (the simpler) Cloudera Spark 2 is indeed free, but cannot find official info on that, either.  Can the Cloudera corporate folks help answer?



Miles Yao


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Re: Is Cloudera Kafka (CDK) free?

Hi Miles,

All CDH components, including, but not limited to Hive, Impala, Kafka, Sentry, HDFS, Solr, Flume, as well as Cloudera Manager are free software. You can download and install on your cluster free of charge.

If you decide to do self support, i.e., resolve issues yourselves when you encounter problems, then you can use those software for as long as you want, and on as big the cluster as you like.

Cloudera only charges for subscription fees, which means our dedicated Support Engineers will help you to resolve any issues in your cluster as well as providing bug fixes and new feature you would require. Those subscriptions are node based as you can see from the pricing page.

So in short, CDK is free, we only charge if you need further support from us to help you resolve issues.
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Re: Is Cloudera Kafka (CDK) free?

Hi Eric:


Thanks for your explanation.


Would you be able to point us to the formal licensing statements stating the same?  It would be required by our corporate to approve CDK (and CDS2 for that matter) for production use.