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Kudu tablet servers - Resident Memory

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We are creating kudu tables using Impala & kudu tablet server hard memory limit is 8GB.


After restarting kudu, each tablet server is only using 1.2GB memory


By using our application, we are reaching 7.2GB of memory and after some time when all the queries are done it is coming down to 3.6GB.

Even in the ideal state also it is still 3.6GB on all the tablet servers.


Can we bring down the resident memory further down?

kudu_memory_Max.pngMax memorykudu_memory_Min.pngminimum memory



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Re: Kudu tablet servers - Resident Memory

You can check the Kudu tablet servers UI to verify what consumes the memory. I think one of the reason could be that you have too many tablets across the cluster (i.e. it requires too many metadata). Or one other root cause can be when you have a table where you constantly insert small amount of data, always appending, this can cause small disk replicas. The solution is to re-create the whole table, this will "compact" the replicas and thus it will consume less memory.