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Oracle JDBC driver upgrade

Hi community - when my cluster was originally setup I was not the one who installed the Oracle JDBC driver for Sqoop.

Now I need to upgrade that driver from jdbc6 to jdbc7 but I don't have any documentation.

Has anyone recently updated an Oracle driver that can post a walkthrough?

Or, I cannot find Cloudera documents related to this but if that is available please post.

My concern is that it looks like parts of the file get renamed during the install and since I didn't do the orignal setup I don't know them all.

Cluster is CDH 5.4 non-kerberos, hosted in AWS on RHEL boxes.

Thank you!

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Re: Oracle JDBC driver upgrade

CDH does not ship the Oracle JDBC jar due to license restrictions. The installation was done manually by an administrator.

Changing the version of a JDBC jar should be as simple as replacing it (remove old, place new, restart/rerun).
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Re: Oracle JDBC driver upgrade

That's what I did, and it seems to work, I'm just curious about whether there are any documented issues due to any funcitonality not being supported?

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