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Programming Sqoop: v1.4.x or v1.99.x

I'm using Cloudera Quickstart VM CDH 5.5.0 and I'm trying to do some custom Java code for Sqoop in a Maven project. However, I'm a bit confused about the two versions of Maven dependencies:


When I try to dig to Sqoop's documentation, it seems that v1.99.x is related to Sqoop2. Sqoop2 is not yet encouraged to be used, according to Cloudera here.

Furthermore, I can only get jars when using v1.99.x dependency, but not v1.4.x.

So which one should I be using if I want to do Sqoop programming? What's the difference between the two versions?

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Re: Programming Sqoop: v1.4.x or v1.99.x

Sqoop2 is a server-client based arch., whereas Sqoop1 is a pure client
based one.

What programming are you looking to do with Sqoop exactly (connector
builds, etc.)? That'd help tell which one you need to use.

You do have Sqoop1 jars under the "sqoop" named artefact: