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Real time campaign

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Hi All, I would like to implement a real time data feed between a webserver and hadoop server. I plan to use flume to read the web log files real time and target is hdfs/Hive, 


Questions are:


1. I need a checklist of what to prepare for the security like, firewalls etc.

2. Are there any hadoop agent I need to install in the webser server

3. Once data is available now in hive, I will have a regular job to process the data using Impala then once processed I will have a list of suggestions/messages for a particular web user. How do I send the info back to that specific web users web page?


Thank you

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Re: Real time campaign

This question is a bit broad, and simultaneously quite dependent on your exact situation.

I therefore recommend you to contact your cloudera contact person for a more in-depth answer. However, what I can say is the following:

Regarding your second question there is a nice answer here:

In short, you will want 'something' to push the data off the webserver, (for instance a flume, or a MiNiFy agent) assuming your webserver does not already publish the mesages to a bus like Kafka.

In general the solution that you use for moving data from the webserver to the cluster should also work in the opposite direction.