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Sqoop create hive table commands




I have been searching for the difference between 2 sqoop commnads, Please anyone tell me when we will use each commands, what is the significance of them , Under what situation we will use?



1) sqoop-import  --connect jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/db1 -username root -password password --table tableName  --hive-table tableName --create-hive-table --hive-import --hive-home path/to/hive_home


2) sqoop import --connect <JDBC connection string> --table <tablename> --username <username> --password <password> --hive-import



What is the significance of using --create-hive-table in 1st command. Even if its not there it will import the data in to hive using"--hive-import"coamnd?. Then what is the use of that? In second command we are doing the same, but no --create-hive-table. why?


Waiting for your reply. Pelase help me..



Thanks a lot :)

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Re: Sqoop create hive table commands