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Sqoop import some mappers not getting data

I've the below sqoop import command

sqoop import \
--connect "jdbc:oracle:thin:@IP_ADDRESS:PORT:SERVICE" \
--username "username"  \
--password "password" \
--query "select  NAME,salary,to_char(BIRTHDATE
 from EMPLOYEE where \$CONDITIONS" \
--split-by "to_number(to_char(BIRTHDATE,'YYYYMMDD'))" \
--boundary-query "SELECT 19600501,to_number(to_char( LAST_DAY( CAST( '01-MAY-1960' AS varchar2(30) )) ,'YYYYMMDD' ))  FROM DUAL" \
--num-mappers 31 \
--map-column-java NAME=String \
--target-dir "/EMPLOYEES_STAGING/" 

some of the mappers are getting empty data for name and birthdate but the salary is being written by all the mappers, how can I make all the mappers write the same results [name, salary and birthdate]?


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tRe: Sqoop import some mappers not getting data

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Could you share if possible your mapreduce logs

and turn on  --verbose in your import 


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