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Store files in hdfs based on keyword

I am working on flume and i am using spooldir to save files in hdfs but i want to know if i can create my flume conf so that i can store values in my hdfs until i find that keyword.

please help

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Re: Store files in hdfs based on keyword

Apologies but can you rephrase your question, and/or perhaps add an example illustration of what you are trying to achieve?

Its unclear what you're wanting to do - are you looking to stop the flume collection upon some condition?

P.s. Keep in mind that Flume is designed as an event collector, not a file uploader. While Spool sources are available in it, if your first approach leads you to it, you're likely using the wrong tool for the job.
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Re: Store files in hdfs based on keyword

i have a file where certain words are repeating

e:g: MSH,asa^,hhjs,jack





what i want is that when i put a file using flume spooldir i want to read the contents of file and

store values untill i reach another "MSH". Is it possible using flume ?