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Which version of CDH supports spork (pig-on-spark)?

What version of CDH supports pig on spark?  I have CDHv5.4.3 installed (via Cloudera Manager) and I am receiving the following error when I do a "pig -x spark" from the linux command prompt:

- ERROR 2040: Unknown exec type: spark


Here are the versions of pig and spark installed with CDH5.4.3:

- pig-0.12.0+cdh5.4.3+58-1.cdh5.4.3.p0.9.el6.noarch

- spark-core-1.3.0+cdh5.4.3+40-1.cdh5.4.3.p0.9.el6.noarch


Am I missing something?  Or is it just the version of pig does not support spark?


If it is me -- What should I check?

If it is the version of pig --  Which version supports spark?




If it makes a difference -- I am using CentOS v6.5 as my OS and my test cluster is made up of six VMs - two name nodes, three data nodes, and one "everything else" node.



  Shawn Scoles


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Re: Which version of CDH supports spork (pig-on-spark)?

It seems that historically the spork project never reached a level of maturity where Cloudera decided to support it.


It also does not appear to be updated in recent years, so it is unlikely to be usefull anytime soon.

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