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debug a custom jar in flume-ng for a remote cloudera



I have a remote cloudera which I access through VPN. I have created a custom jar (a serializer) but I would like to degug it via intellij, how can I configure intellij to debug my jar?


It is time consumming to rely on log and deploy and test each time!



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Re: debug a custom jar in flume-ng for a remote cloudera

Ideally, one could utilise the "Java Configuration Options for Flume Agent" field in CM to specify an "-agentlib" option to the JDK to allow you to configure a remote debugger port/service on the Flume agent JVM, but Flume accepts only -D and -X (w/ -XX) options. So you'll need to use the JDK 1.4 style of options as shown at, to configure your remote debugging endpoint within Flume configuration. Once done, configure your Intellij in the same way (to connect to the chosen port) and hopefully you'll be able to remote-debug your plugin.

It might also be easier to just log things, or run a local Flume-NG instance.