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ignore .hql and oozie errors

Hi , 


I implmented below statements in .hql file and call this file in workflow.xml in oozie. I dont want oozie workflow to fail

in case table1 does not exist i.e to ignore error if alter statement fails. I tried to use "SET hive.cli.errors.ignore=true;"

but this didnt help. any suggestions ?


SET hive.cli.errors.ignore=true;



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Re: ignore .hql and oozie errors

I would suggest letting the hive job fail, and using oozie to handle the flow.

For each step you can tell oozie what to do when there is an error, for this specific step you can simply tell it to go to the same next step as when the error does not occur.


So if your XML currently looks like this: 


<ok to="joining"/>
<error to="kill"/>

You can change it for this step into this:


<ok to="joining"/>
<error to="joining"/>


I have not tried it myself, but also found this should be possible through HUE:


You should be able to manually configure the OK and ERROR transitions in each action's settings pane (the gear icons to its right), and within the 'Transitions' tab inside it.