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kafka consumer does not receinve messages

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Hi all,

we are building a small kafka env, 4 nodes: 01.node, 02.node, 03.node, 04.node


the topic creation:

/usr/bin/kafka-topics --zookeeper 01.node:2181 --create --replication-factor 1 --partitions 1 --topic mytest


the producer and brokers:

/usr/bin/kafka-console-producer --broker-list 03.node,04.node:9092 --topic mytest


the consumer:

/usr/bin/kafka-console-consumer --bootstrap-server 01.node:2181 --topic mytest --from-beginning


the weird stuff is that consumer statement does not accept the --zookeeper option, so we put --bootstrap-server instead of it


everything seems good: producer waits for input, consumer seems waiting for messages...


but when you enter input (a string CRLF ended) on the producer, nothing happens on the consumer side...


no mesg arrive


any ideas? what we are going wrong?


thanks, bye marco

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Re: kafka consumer does not receinve messages

brokers seems to receive messages (see attached picture) and connections from brokers (netstat -nascreenshot.9.jpg) seems ok but consumer does not yet receive...