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ksql implementation of kafka in cloudera cluster

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Hello All,

We want to do ksql implementation that can be useful for reporting purpose. Can we integrate this with existing cloudera cluster and kafka service?

As per my knowledge, we need confluent set up for ksql implementation.

Please suggest.


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Re: ksql implementation of kafka in cloudera cluster



You may install and test KSQL as it is open source. It is not tested & not supported by Cloudera. While functionally different, Spark Streaming may provide a solution for your use case.


KSQL is very new and Spark Streaming is the tried and tested technology for processing streams of data, and Cloudera has around hundred customers using Spark Streaming in production settings. In addition, with Spark Streaming, Cloudera's customers are able to benefit from the superior Spark ecosystem and libraries and machine learning support.


Hope this answers your question!