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sqoop importing error on booting


I am trying to use sqoop (that comes with cdh5) for importing a table from mysql to hdfs. The importing started with booting then nothing happen. When I click on logs, the following error is raised:


Server Error (500)


Sorry, there's been an error. An email was sent to your administrators. Thank you for your patience.

File NameLine NumberFunction Name


I appricate your help, thanks.

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Re: sqoop importing error on booting

It looks like you're using Sqoop2 in Hue. I'd click on "View Logs" to see the other errors.

Also, it's likely you have an exception when running the job. If Hue continues to error out, you can use the resource manager UI to view the errors. This can be reached at http://<resource manager host>:8088/.
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Re: sqoop importing error on booting

i'd like suggest you to run sqoop in OS level, if it's success, then go to HUE.