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Welcome to Hadoop 101

To assist those who are new to Hadoop, we have created this list of Videos, Blog posts,
Community Knowledge and other links

hadoop 101 VIDEOS:

Cloudera has a great set of online videos for Hadoop basics which can be accessed via the training library on the Cloudera website. Below are some from the Hadoop Essentials Training set.

Hadoop Basics


The Hadoop Ecosystem


An Introduction to Hadoop Architecture


Hadoop in the Real World


Managing Hadoop



You can also check out the Cloudera Developer page for additional resources, books, event information and to subscribe to the Developer Newsletter.

When you are ready to try Hadoop for the first time there are a couple of choices:

For a deeper foundation in Hadoop, enroll in Live Training and work towards becoming Certified.

If you are interested in contributing to the Hadoop ecosystem, here's how.


You can find several How-To articles on the Cloudera Engineering Blog but we have chosen a few below to get you started.

How-to: Deploy Apache Hadoop Clusters Like a Boss
How-to: Install Cloudera Enterprise on Microsoft Azure (Part 1)
How-to: Integrate Cloudera Director with a Data Pipeline in the Cloud
How-to: Build a Real-Time Search System using StreamSets, Apache Kafka, and Cloudera Search
How-to: Train Models in R and Python using Apache Spark MLlib and H2O
How-to: Create and Use a Custom Formatter in the Apache HBase Shell
How-to: Ingest and Query “Fast Data” with Impala (Without Kudu)
How-to: Use Impala with Kudu
How-to: Use HUE’s Notebook App with SQL and Apache Spark for Analytics
How-to: Index Scanned PDFs at Scale Using Fewer Than 50 Lines of Code
How-to: Use Apache Solr to Query Indexed Data for Analytics
How-to: Prepare Your Apache Hadoop Cluster for PySpark Jobs
How-to: Prepare Unstructured Data in Impala for Analysis
How-to: Run Apache Mesos on CDH
How-to: Write a Cloud Provider Plugin for Cloudera Director
How-to: Secure YARN Containers with Cloudera Navigator Encrypt


How to setup Cloudera Quickstart Virtual Machine
Selecting the Right Hardware for Your New Hadoop Cluster
MapReduce FAQ
The Differences between Pig, Hive, and HBase
HBase FAQ: Sizing a Cluster

See our new post "What's Changing for the Cloudera Community" for further details on the Cloudera and Hortonworks community merger planned for late July and early August.