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CCA 175 - Broken sample question


The sample link in CCA 175 page [] seems to be broken. Please fix the same or provide a sample question similar to that in other certification pages.

Also, it is mentioned in the page that the developer is required to write code in both Scala and Python. Please let us know whether it suffices to have the skillset to write either in Scala or Python code to be deployed in Spark cluster.




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Re: CCA 175 - Broken sample question

Transform, Stage, Store

Convert a set of data values in a given format stored in HDFS into new data values and/or a new data format and write them into HDFS. This includes writing Spark applications in both Scala and Python:

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Re: CCA 175 - Broken sample question

[ Edited ]

It is still not working.

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Re: CCA 175 - Broken sample question

I'm not seeing a link on the certification page. Can you provide a link to the page you are looking at as well as the hyperlinked wording that is using that link?

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