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CCA 175 Certification - Spark version 1.6 issue

Dear Community.

I had given the CCA175 exam. There were some questions which could not be solved with spark 1.6. There were questions where it was asked to load the hive table in an avro format, as well as write a data frame in an avro format. in 1.6 this is not possible, We need addition libraries com.databricks.avro to perform the above operations. I was not able to perform the above operation with sqlContext or hiveContext since they donot support avro. Could you guys help in this regard




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Re: CCA 175 Certification - Spark version 1.6 issue

Hi Saurabh,


Even I have scheduled to give the exam in coming days. 

Just checking, werent you able to import databricks package for handling avro format during the exam?