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CCA 175 Certification

Is CCA 175 Certification stopped. 

I already purchased but when I try to schedule the exam through local exam site, the customer support said "Cloudera is not launching any exams now" please check with them. 


Do anyone have any idea about it?

I already purchased the course not sure how can I get it back incase if they have stopped conducting exams?

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Re: CCA 175 Certification

I have been advised that they are working to resolve an issue with the exam environment. Your best course of action would be to email the certification team at for further details. 

Cy Jervis, Community Manager

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Re: CCA 175 Certification

The support team mentions the below:

Please mind, we are facing an unfortunate issue in our infrastructure that is preventing exams from deploying. That is why we are not delivering exams at the moment.

Unfortunately, we do not currently have an ETA for when the environment will be ready again. The team will reach out to you after we have resolved this issue and help you to get the exam scheduled.


Did not expect this from such a big organization, expected them to at the least have an ETA on this and keep people informed of the downtime. I tried to get an ETA but the only response from the support is that they do not have an ETA at this point of time and someone will get back at some point of time in the future.