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CCA 175 vs On Demand Learning Platform

Today i took the CCA 175 Exam, after i studied with the Cloudera On Demand Platform.


The On Demand Platform is one of the best i tried out in learning for Technology Exams. Really great input with the newest Version(Spark 2.0 etc.) of the offered Tools and Frameworks by Cloudera.

So i started the Exam and was really optimistic...


I started and the first thing i saw was a 800x600 VM that was slower then my grandma on a pedestrian crossing.

Ok.. let's go on slowly (VM)


Take a look at the Problems, i started with a programming problem und until i figured out that this is all running on spark 1.6 which was no topic in the On-Demand Platform my optimism changed to pessimism.


In Combination with this VM, don't know if you can call this a VM in 2018, i failed the certifiate because of no Solutions provided...


I highly recommend to wait with your exam until cloudera mangaged to update their exam on a state of the art technology...


All in all i think the Certificate is usefull but not under the conditions it is taken, i took a look at databricks certificates in Apache Spark 2.x which cover nearly the same. 

@Clouderaplease contact me if you updated your vm and maybe it is in the near future i will take a 2 attempt