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CCP: Data Engineer - Language-specific scenarios beyond what is described?

Will the exam require that I utilize a specific language for development purposes for a given scenario?  Please exclude tooling that is called out in the Required Skill section of the CCP: Data Engineer informational page. 


I understand I'll need to leverage Hive, HCatalog, Avro, and Parquet because they are called out.  What I'd really like to udnerstand is if I'm strong in, lets say, Python Spark, will I reach a scenario where I have to do something in MapReduce (Crunch, PIG, or otherwise), Java/Scala Spark, or any other available language?  Getting solid on how to ingest, transform, and present data is one thing, but being good enough at multiple different languages is a bit of another thing to tackle all together, so I'd appreciate any input on this topic.